Power and Torque Transmisions
Flexible couplings
Flexible couplings for shafts with nominal torques from 5 to 10000 Nm. Variants: with longer and shorter hubs, mounting sequence 4 and 5
Flexible couplings
Extremely flexible coupling in the execution flange-shaft, especially for the application with piston machines, for production of electric apparatus, compressors, construction machines and ships building. For nominal torques from 50 to 2500 Nm. Variants: With two rubber inserts for maximum loadings and with connection to the articulated shaft
Flexible claw couplings
Claw couplings with round claws, small sizes, largest torque, large number of revolutions. Nominal torque from 500 to125,000 Nm. Variants: As semi-couplings, with insered shaft with possible switching of by brake drum and brake disk.
Mechanical Disk Clutches
Mechanical switch in - switch out disk clutches with disk coupling (steel) steel (for sea conditions) steel (organic lining for dry working conditions). Variants: Single and double with and without shaft widely used in tool machines.
Electromagnetic disk clutches - brakes
Simple execution, small sizes, favourable wearing features, possible remote control and large torque up to 10000 Nm. Used for both wet an dry work. Geat number of executions. They are suitable and meet the requirements of the most modern machinery construction.
Electromagnetic spring brakes
Electromagnetic spring brakes with two friction surfaces type BMF. Nominal braking moment from 5 to 360 Nm. Building in crane's drives. Equipped with deblocking units. Variants with and without adjustement of braking moment, with an without connecting plate.
Safety disk clutches
Safety disk clutches are supplied in various variants and various sizes. They are used in ship building, tool machines and in the processing industry. Disk coupling steel (steel steel) sintered - bronze for wet working conditions and steel (organic lining for dry working conditions)
Hidraulic, switch-in and switch-out couplings
Hidraulic, switch in-out couplings with sinter disks are used in driving blox, construction machines.